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Different states of mind, hazy, melancholy reverie. Originally released on Rural Colours label as an EP, this release is the full album.

John Gibbons (Bardo Pond) Anybody that knows me knows that i'm not big chatter, so when a guy named finglebone poked me in my chat muscle on my facebook i was a little leary to respond as i did not remember friending anybody by the name finglebone. Well i can say wh...oleheartedly that i am glad my chattaphobia was suppressed that day as he passed along a link to his new record "23" which immediately peaked my interest cause i've had a synchronistic buzz with that number ever since reading "Cosmic Trigger" by Robert Anton Wilson. Its a sacred magical number and this record reflects the same beauty lifting the veil to reveal the magic of music and life, Its a collage of sweet guitars, field recordings, drones and loops. Depression never sounded so good. I'm not sure where the finglebone is in the body but this one really touches the soul. Thanks man. Check it out.

"23" is a collection of experimental layering of field recordings and ambient sounds is interwoven with light and sparkling acoustic guitar melodies. All in all, this results in a very organic sound structure. This is a great one for headphone listening, as many of Pan, EQ and other effects details are buried deep in the mix. Contemplative, meditative, sunny and peaceful - like a walk in the woods". - Klangverhaltnisse Ambient blog.

Imagine the times you’ve stood in a crowd, surrounded by flashing lights, advertisements, chattering voices, and all other sorts of ambient noise from bustling city life. Despite the sea of distraction and noise, there are moments where you find yourself elsewhere. You’re still firmly set in the center of this commotion, but instead of drowning in it all, you drift off to someplace devoid of outside influence. It’s these transportive moments that offer up a meditative clarity, bringing forth a humbling awareness of what you may have previously overlooked or what particular things mean. Picture yourself seated in a small paddleboat on the sea, and you realize how miniscule you are against the infinity of the horizon.

Finglebone (aka Adam Varney) manages to capture this inward journey with 23. Through headphones, this nine-track album eliminates tangible surroundings and forces you to venture into a mentally constructed world. Through a mix of field recordings, loops, drones, and acoustic guitar passages, Finglebone constructs a tranquil yet intensely pensive sort of head trip. Whether it’s the sinister drones and unintelligible, field-recorded chatter on “The Picture Became Alive” or the birds chirping beneath the almost heavenly-sounding notes from the acoustic guitar on "Lucid," the emphasis is clearly on the negative space in the overall sound. Finglebone’s intent with 23 is helping us to discover that melody is not strictly something that must be manufactured; melody is something that exists all around us. It’s an album of ambient exploration that highlights the natural music of our world.


A lovely LP and one you should pay some serious attention to. A selection of field recordings (David Byrne would call them “found sounds” or something) and guitar runs this exemplifies the British pastoral spirit – and by that I mean the wild music made by the String Band or James Blackstone or Bert Jansch - at its zenith. This is also a deceptive listen as there are a great deal of nuances and sonic byways, thrown up in the atmospheric fuzz and gloop of the field recordings.

Many of the street or field noises add a rich counter-point to the guitar runs. And because they are in essence random recordings, they act with a freedom and spontaneity that you couldn’t get if you arranged them “cold” in a studio. Befuddled, Lucid and Floggiston are a bucolic reflections mirrored through a crystalline prism. Other tracks (Bridport to Westbay, or Flouse Hole) somehow remind me of an ambient take on Robyn Hitchcock’s I Often Dream of Trains, or (weirdly) the chamber music element in Witthusser & Westrupp’s psych-folk muse. Elsewhere, pulses such as The Picture Became Alive and Twenty Three are reminiscent of musique concrète. It’s all stuff that peers through a glass, darkly.

This lad’s work is really, really great.



released November 30, 2010

All tracks Mastered by Wil Bolton except 'twenty-three'



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finglebone Salisbury, UK

lo-fi drone, electronica, folk, field recordings and soundscapes

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